We are a group of skateboarders from Port Moody and Coquitlam in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We skate mostly downhill.

“You can’t really teach skateboarding, but skateboarding in itself has so much to teach you.”

There may not be many posts for the time being. Or at least not many pictures or videos of downhill. The downhill community around here is really starting to blow it and we are kind of taking a step back and hitting the street decks, going to skate parks and parking lots etc. We love all kinds of skateboarding, downhill was our go to back in the day but recently it has become stale and boring. Later in August when a few rad dudes from out east come to visit, we shall skate lots of downhill and there will be lots of things to share. 



found an old raw run from back in January, when the roads were cold and salty. making an already scary run even sketchier.