We are a group of skateboarders from Port Moody and Coquitlam in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We skate mostly downhill.

Kamloops park #3

Okanagan Disaster Tour Part 1 


Kamloops Park #2

Kamloops Park 

Crystal Mountain 

Skate trips are always Interesting

Back from what we are now calling the Okanagan disaster tour. As per usual our skate trip didn’t go as totally planned. On Friday night we loaded up the car and headed out to Kamloops for some rad skating. After a quick stop in Hope for food and another 4 hours in the car travelling through the night on the coquihalla highway, we turned off the main roads and pushed the limits of my car in complete darkness heading uphill on a “gravel” road that had 2 foot deep potholes everywhere. After a sometime on a terrible road that was better suited for trucks we arrived at small lake in the mountains and set up camp at around 11:30pm. While trying not to freeze to death overnight(we didn’t realize how high up in the mountains we were) we got up bright and early the next morning and headed back into town to skate the Kamloops downhill skate park. 

We Arrived at the park around 10:30am Saturday morning, no locals were there and we had the place to are selves for the next few hours. First impression of the park were just pure stoke. We loved the idea but sadly after a few hours we got bored. The park is small and slow. Its like skating the cart paths of a golf course, with speeds of maybe 30km/h(18mph). Some locals showed up and we unfortunately left due to the fact they seemed sort of unfriendly and we came out skating here to skate something fast. We had lunch and after getting lost in Kamloops for a bit and little rage we headed back to the campsite. Split a joint and packed up camp. Off to Kelowna.

Kamloops was a bit of a dud, we got back on highway and crossed through some mountain passes wishing we could skate them and after a few hours we arrived at a nice place in Kelowna. Sunday was full of rad skating, we found many roads to skate but didn’t have enough time to hit them all. Kelowna was unreal. Skating mountain roads for over 5km with top speed of over 90km/h(55mph). The 3 man crew was perfect, two of us drop in and one follow with the car. After many bails and crashes we figured out lines and really dialed in our skating. Skating through the neighborhoods of Kelowna was amazing, the pavement is perfect. Monday morning…

We got up real early and packed up once again, as the last day of our short trip we headed back to Crystal Mountain for some fast mobbin. Dan and Ray drop in first drafting down the mountain. They start flying down into the sketchy section around 80km/h picking up speed. All of a sudden at around 90km or faster Dan and Ray meet up beside each other at the worst possible spot. The downhill lane had only one line you can take and they were side by side. Dan veers right to let ray pass, both missing the line ray goes left into the other lane and at 95km/h Dan hits a gnarly pothole. He starts to get these mad wobbles and trying to fight them off(witch he did) he ended up halfway off the road aiming into the ditch. Dan flies off his board running, then gravel on the right dips into the ditch littered with small trees and rocks Dan slides 50 or 60 feet down into it head first breaking his collarbone and smashing up his helmet. Bailing at 95km/h no leathers. Helmet saved his life and after a quick stop at the hospital he was ok and we headed back home. The trip had many highs and lows and sadly we ended it on a sour note. Crazy trip all together cant wait for next year! Pictures to follow!


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